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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  June 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> good morning, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, june 5th. let's start with a quick look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. about about. >> hi, carolyn, good morning to you. fog in the north bay and low clouds and fog have moved locally into the bay. we are back to a gray start this morning. this is all thanks to this system here that brought the high and mid-level clouds yesterday. it will clear and we will see more sunshine. a nice afternoon. looking at mid-50s san francisco, low 60s mountain view and san jose. and another vantage point from mt. tam. up see the low cloud deck about
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1500 feet. maybe mist and drizzle as well. and san jose today, a nice afternoon. numbers here in the mid-80s. a couple of 90s inland. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. we are starting with developing news out of tennessee this morning. authorities in memphis report a man is in custody after police say he shot three people, then drove off, hitting and killing a police officer. it happened last night around 10:00 local time. two of the victims are in critical condition. we don't know about the third. the police officer was an 18-year veteran of the memphis police department. now to the latest on the death of muhammad ali. the tributes continue to poor in. his family confirmed he died friday night of septic shock after a five-day stay at an arizona hospital. his wife and children were at his side to say good-bye. he was 74 years old. the family plans to bring his
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body back to his hometown of louisville, kentucky. a public funeral will take place there friday. muhammad ali was a complex man that began his climb to fame during a turbulent period in america's history. abc7 news reporter. >> reporter: muhammad ali was the greatest in the boxes ring and he went on to be a special humanitarian. >> he did many good works. always a soft touch. >> this author of a book called "the complete muhammad ali" said the celebrity used his sports stardom well beyond the ring. one international mission was a trip to iraq in 1990. he met with dictator saddam hughes sane, and pressed him to release 15 american hostages
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that were taken during the first gulf war. it was first criticized, but then praised because they were released. >> president bush awarded him with the award of freedom. and muhammad ali made a plea to iran to release prisoners last year, and one prisoner noticed they started treating him differently after that. >> they started treating me in a better way. i think it brought some doubt to them about the charges against me. >> he had been held on espionage charges since 2014 and was released this january. >> athlete, tv star, advocate for police. there were many dimensions to muhammad ali. >> he gave away money to poor people. ed i think he will be remembered for work in charity and philanthropy. >> and his tireless work to help people he never even knew. sergio quintana, abc7 news.
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>> in new york's harlem neighborhood there are some of his inspiring quotes, including "float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." ali trained for his big title fight against sunny in the bronx. and his fight of the century against joe frazier was at madison square garden. in hollywood fans are lining up to take a picture of his star on the walk of hall of fame. it was the only one placed on a wall because he said he didn't want people walking over his name. fans have left flowers and a pair of boxes gloves in his honor. the crowd in louisville, kentucky at his multi-cultural center is growing by the hour. it opened a year ago and has drawn visitors from all over the world. muhammad ali will be laid to rest on friday. his family said a procession will begin at 6:00 a.m. our time
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in louisville, followed by a public memorial service at 9:00, and then a private burial where former president bill clinton will give the eulogy. the funeral will be streamed live. you can see it it on our website several members of of the abc7 news team got a chance to meet ali, but only a few new him well. and one of them was former abc7 sports director martin wyatt. eric thomas tells us how the pair became friends. >> muhammad ali was no stranger to the bay area nor to abc7. martin wyatt was granted an exclusive interview after his fight against joe frazier, the most grueling fight of his career. >> ali was sitting there and he's battered and i'm sitting there. it was just the two of us waiting. and he said, wow, the pain, he said it was like dying.
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>> but the champ had a lot of living left to do with children and family and charitable causes to support. a side of the champ not everyone got to see. >> he was just a wonderful personality and the most courageous person i every met. but also the most humble. >> in 1995 martin presented ali with a lifetime achievement honor from the sports image award organization. here you see him sharing the stage with other big names in sports, including oakland a's legend dave stewart and a tennis star venus williams. >> he's the man i wanted to be like. i wanted people to gather around me. whisper my name in crowds. >> by this time the greatest champ had been slowed by parkinson's, but either he nor his family had time for pity. >> people have cancer and a.i.d.s., whatever, and it's just a disease he's living with. he's living life how he wants to live it. he's all there. people don't realize that. >> abc7 news.
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>> martin said ali real perked up whenever kids were around. the champ loved to leave them with smiles on their faces. you can stay up-to-date on all the developments surrounding muhammad ali. just download the abc7 news app for free and enable push alerts to get updates as they happen. san jose police are looking for a man who shot and killed a man last night. it happened on south white road near a market and liquor store. the man was rushed to the hospital where he later died. officers have not released any information on the victim. the suspect has not been identified. police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the incident to contact them immediately. this morning a four-year-old girl is in the hospital with critical injuries after getting hit by a motorcycle. abc7 news was in san francisco's
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mission district shortly after the crash yesterday afternoon. witnesses say the girl was walking with her mother when she was hit. the motorcyclist was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. witnesses say he was under the influence. police though, are still investigating. >> this morning chp officers and almeda county sheriff's deputies are investigating whether drunk driving might be a factor in a deadly crash in san lorenzo. the car had to be cut apart to reach the victims. witnesses say the one car broadsided the other just before 6:00 p.m. one person died. paramedics rushed at least one other victim to a trauma center. some overtime excitement last night at the tank with the sharks trying not to fall behind the penguins three games to nothing in the stanley cup final. with just seven minutes left in overtime, donskoi scored the game-winning goal to give the sharks their first victory of
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the series. the sharks now trail two games to one. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian talked with fans after the game. [cheers] >> reporter: thrilled fans rush out of the shark tank and they were all smiles. it was a night of firsts. the first time the stanley cup final has ever been held in san jose. it was the first time the sharks have ever won a cup came, and they did it in overtime. >> it was awesome. overtime win. we're coming back on monday and winning. >> the crowd also filled with ups and downs. the moment the sharks tied things up, the place erupted. fans never lost hope, even when the penguins were temporarily up. >> we have the better team, we are faster, stronger. we have the better coach. >> the penguins simply got outplayed.
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this sharks fan knew it would happen. >> i'm superstitious and i told myself i had to paint my face to get the win. >> you felt like it all came down to you? >> yeah. it's all on my shoulders, i'm taking one for the team. >> and in the end, they came out on top. which meant this penguin fan couldn't get in a word edgewise. >> a great game. >> penguins, go home! [indiscernible yelling] >> game four will be played at the shark tank on monday. in san jose -- >> we want the cup! we want the cup! >> lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> way to go, sharks. lisa argen is standing by with a cool weather forecast. >> hi, carolyn. you are right. temperatures continue to come down today. this, of course, from our roof camera. san francisco cooling today. bringing you back down to about 66 degrees, which is average for this time of year.
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more sunshine around the bay. still some warmth inland. i will have all the numbers and even more cooling in the extended outlook next. >> thank you, lease you are a. also next, hillary clinton hoping to win back the bay area spotlight with another visit. where she will be this afternoon. and the bay area legend set to sing the national anthem before game two of the nba finals.
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>> in washington state a three alarm fire has destroyed a recycling facility in the city of everett about 30 miles north of seattle. it spent billowing black smoke into the sky that could be seen for miles yesterday. wood pallets, mulch, plastic, other materials inside fueled the fire. it also started several small brush fires on the side of the building. the cause of the fire is under investigation. no one was hurt. in los angeles county firefighters are battling a 400-acre brush fire that's threatening homes. it's where a lot of celebrities live. 3,000 homes have been evacuated. it started around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. it's now 15% contained. firefighters say a car crashed
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into a power pole, knocking down powerlines that sparked the fire in several spots. flamed reached 50 feet in a height. they can be seen for files. -- several miles. several homes have been damaged and small buildings at a preschool were destroyed. hillary clinton will campaign in vallejo this morning. she will talk with community leaders at good day cafe at 3:15. >> it's time to judge donald trump by his words and deeds. and i believe that his words and his deeds disqualify him from being president of the united states >> this was clinton yesterday taking aim at republican rival donald trump during a campaign snoop in southern california. the former secretary of state hopes to clinch her name nation -- her party's nomination in tuesday's primary here in california. clinton will join george
6:16 am
stephanopoulos this morning on "this week." it airs at 8:00 right here on abc7. now how can you have the ability to do well in school when you are working so many hours, going to bed so late? kids are working night shifts. all of that is crazy. it really is not good for this think. >> yesterday vermont senator bernie sanders renewed his call to make america's public colleges and universities tuition free. he also told reporters in l.a. that this summer's democratic national convention will be contested. sanders plans to campaign in san francisco tomorrow. >> donald trump did not campaign yesterday. however, the fallout continues from an earlier trump rally. a teenage boy now faces felony charges as an adult in new mexico. prosecutors say the 14-year-old threw a rock during a trump appearance in albuquerque, and
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that rock hit a police officer. the teenager denies throwing the rock. and in less than 12 hours the warriors tipoff game two against the cleveland cavaliers at oracle arena. the doubles lead the nba finals after winning game one on thursday. it's the best-of-seven series and a rematch of last year's finals. if you are going to the game. doors open at 3:30 p.m. you can catch game two right here on abc7. legendary san francisco guitarist carlos santana will perform the national anthem before today's game. he will perform at the oracle with his wife, cindy blackman. santana is a long-time fan of the dubs. >> warriors star chef curry k -- self curry is not the only one in the family spotlight right now. his wife, ayesha curry, opened up an international restaurant last night.
6:18 am
they had their opening friday night. they sent us this photo from their preevent opening. it's her first professional restaurant venture. reservations are not available until next month. abc7 is the only place you can see every game of the nba finals. our coverage today starts at 4:00 p.m. with a special warriors pregame edition of abc7 news. and then at 4:30 abc's coverage of game two begins here on abc7 with the warriors and cavaliers in oakland. tip-off 5:00 p.m. and if you are not at oracle, abc7 is the only place to see the game. then join abc7's sports director larry beil, sports anchor mike shumann live from oracle arena for after the game with warriors ambassador adonal foyle. we want to see your fan photos
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and videos when you post them to social media. use the #dubson7 so we can find them. and feature them. lisa, i'm heading to the game, and i know oracle will be buzzing inside and outside, as well. >> yeah. it will be very nice this afternoon. in the 70s in oakland with plenty of sunshine. yesterday we had a lot of high and mid-level clouds. today it's the low clouds of that enter the bay, creating visibility issues in the north bay. it's raining around redding in the mountains of northern california. and that is what brought the cooling trend yesterday. but right now as we check out mt. tam from our sutro tower camera you can see that, boy, a lot of low clouds and fog with 50s in the cities. 57 across the bay. low 60s mountain view. morgan hill at 54. and half moon bay. and from mt. tam a nice afternoon. more sun. it will be breezy in spots. closer to the coast 51 santa rosa where we have fog.
6:20 am
novato 50. 57 by the delta. concord, livermore, still a warm day but not hard to take. we talked about the visibility. how about just a quarter mile in petaluma. a mile and three quarters in napa and half-mile in santa rosa. certainly some issues there. emeryville right now and this afternoon, probably by about 10:00 you will be into some sunshine. cloudy for everyone. the summer spread today 60s to 90s. and the cooling continues the next few days. we will bottom out the middle of the week with temperatures slightly below average for this time of the year. it's all about the marine layer and the on shore push today. we will get some rather clearing but overall partly cloudy skies along the coast and sunny conditions away from the shoreline. we will be looking at the beaches once again. pretty cool. a little breezy. low 60s from ocean beach to half moon bay. about 70 santa cruz, mid-067's around monterey. so statewide we've had some
6:21 am
isolated thunderstorms in the sierra nevada. and today partly cloudy, 76 around south lake. partly cloudy monterey. 77 l.a. but still pretty hot from chico to sacramento, 100 degrees. so looking at parts of the south bay, it should be very pleasant today with mid-80s for you, santa clara and san jose. still warm from los gatos to morgan hill. it's better than the 96 you had yesterday. 79 redwood city, 64 pacifica. menlo park checking in at 80. and at 3:00 this afternoon breezy, 66 in the north bay. still low to mid-80s from calistoga. 78 san rafael tell. near east bay about 37. oakland 79. san rafael low to mid-80s. and castro valley. you head inland temperatures warm with a few 90s out by the delta. over in oakland this afternoon,, a beautiful day about 5:00, looking at 70 degrees. upper 50s by 8:30. the accuweather seven-day
6:22 am
forecast still 90s inland today and tomorrow. cooler weather ahead for tuesday and wednesday. the coolest day should be thursday and friday with numbers just in the 70s for highs inland. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. up next, why the cleveland cavaliers are upset with the warriors. and it wasn't just losing game one that has some players frustrated.
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and creamy cheesecakes fiber one. go on, have one. >> you are can watch our program, emperor's treasures tonight at 9:30 on abc7. the rivalry between the warriors and the cleveland
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cavaliers extends beyond the court. we are learning part of that centers on dollar signs. our sister network espn reports you won't see family and friends of some cavaliers players sitting with dub nation because some of the cavs are upset with the warriors over the price and location of those seats. the doubles offered the cavs players seats for $1,300 a piece per game, double last year's price. >> one of fran's busiest streets is shut down this weekend for one of the city's greatest parties. more than 100,000 people are expected to attend union street festival this year. there's live music and great food, tech, kraft and health exhibits. there are beer and wine tastings for the 21 and older attend the festival is free to attend, and it is today from 10:00 this morning through 6:00 p.m. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. remembering muhammad ali. the lasting influence he had on
6:27 am
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this hour with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. >> low clouds. here's a view from sutro. you are looking back at mt. tam. temperatures from the low to mid-50s san francisco, half moon bay. low 60s mountain view and san jose where we have cloudy skies. from mt. tam a little more sun. above it all, 1500 to 1800-foot marine layer. it will clear quickly today. low 50s and fog in santa rosa. 57 by the delta. concord and livermore still on the warmer side of normal today. but it should be a nice summer spread from the coast to our inland valleys. here's sfo. a few delays at about 38 minutes. look from upper 80s to lower 90s for the warmest inland valleys. carolyn. >> thank you. now to muhammad ali.
6:31 am
he left lasting impressions on so many lives in the bay area. boxers say he set the standard for the sport, leaving them inspired. cornell barnard has the story. >> my father loved muhammad ali. >> and so did his son. he never met him but he was a role model in the ring and out. >> just the way he fought for what he believed in in the midst of the backlash, in the midst of possibly losing a career at that time. >> the price ali paid for opposing the vietnam war, but yet the champ prevailed. joaquin lopez is training for his next fight at king's boxing in oakland where posters of ali cover the walls. he is about to turn pro and he thanks him for paving the way. >> he scripted it all for everybody. he wrote the guidelines, pretty much. >> how to fight and how to intimidate your opponent with grace. >> float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. >> when he fought, the world
6:32 am
stopped. >> he was the greatest of all-time but no match for father time. it's a sad day for us. >> long after his boxing career was over, ali fought his touhest fight against parkinson's degree, bringing greater awareness. a professor at stanford met allly several times. he believes his controversial opposition to the vietnam war and leader in civil rights made him more than the heavyweight champion. >> that's the story. if you stand up for your principles and willing to risk it all, ultimately you will prevail. >> he was so inspired he's dedicating this year's boxing matchers to ali. >> i'm very big on playing homage to those who went before me. >> a man who changed the sport and the world. abc7 news. >> a man in castro valley spent
6:33 am
most of his life collecting muhammad ali memorabelia. charles has about 150 items, including autographed pictures ali sent to him. he's been collecting since 1964 and even has a tribute to him on his car. he was crushed when he found out about the death of his hero. >> i broke down and i cried. i was thinking about now i met him, you know. that hurt me, man. that man had so much love. he had so much love for people. >> two eagle showed us a photo album from 1984 when he took a train from l.a. and went to his home. the champ invited him in and gave him some of his photos. they sat and talked and later went out to eat together. our colleague, spencer christian, was among those who developed a friendship with him
6:34 am
over the years and spencer worked in the new york media. he shared a few of his memories with anchor eric thomas. >> when i first met ali back in 1980 i was doing a morning show in which his wife at that time, veronica porsche, who was a model, used to appear and do beauty tips. and ali, although he was known as a womanizer, was jealous of his wife. of three of us were having lunch and he playfully put his fist under my nose and said you are one of those pretty boys, i won't let my wife spend time with you. we laughed about that. and over the years, even during his period of debe kline, and every time i encountered him as an interview he would give me a big hug and say you are still pretty, you are still pretty. so when i was presented with the portrait, which he gave to me as a gift when i was leaving good morning america, ebb presented me with that on the air and all the memories with him came back flooded in my head and i broke
6:35 am
down and cried. i loved the guy. just loved him. >> we have more of his insight into who he was off-camera. you will find the interview on muhammad ali will be laid to rest the on friday. his family said a procession will begin at 6:00 a.m. our time in louisville, kentucky, followed by a public memorial service at 9:00 and a private burial where the former president bill clinton will give the eulogy. the funeral will be streamed live and you can see it on our website this week california will become the next state to legally allow doctors to prescribe lethal drugs to patients with the end of life options act. this new assisted suicide law will go into effect on thursday. it was inspired by bay area native brittney maynard, who was forced to move to oregon to use their death by dignity law.
6:36 am
patients need to be at least 18 years old and terminally ill with no more than six months to live. they need two requests made to doctors. five states have authorized a similar law. >> you are looking at a site where a man was shot and killed in san leandro. sheriff's deputies say an argument turned violent be around 2:00 yesterday morning. witnesses said the suspect chased after another man and shot him about a block from where the other victim died. >> i don't know that there is any previous history or any type of connection between our victims and our shooter. i think this is a very senseless act of violence that occurred very rapidly. >> of the second man is in extremely critical condition. deputies have arrested the suspect. they k so moments after arriving on scene. some historians are calling
6:37 am
this priceless. a love letter written by president john f. kennedy is now going on auction, likely telling for tens of thousands of dollars. jfk penned the letter to a woman named marry mier, a supposed mistress in october, 1953, a month before he was assassinate ed. president kennedy's secretary never sent it. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news, the warriors giving back to the community. how an east oakland elementary school benefited. and the day the kids will never forget. and here and a live look at the golden gate bridge camera. everything fogged in. look for slightly below average temperatures this week. lisa argen will have the forecast in just a few.
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happening today, thousands -- it's world ocean day, you can help clean up ocean beach and celebrate with ice cream at the end. girrelradelis is hosting a cleanup day at the beach. they are helping raise awareness
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about protect being the environment and our oceans. they will give each participant a voucher for a sundae. the cleanup starts this morning at ocean beach. lisa, it's likely to be cool there. >> that's right. good the 60s today, carolyn. surfers are used to all of that. and this afternoon in oakland, still a little bit above average. but not much. we will see low 70s there. afternoon high 69. and right now you have some fog. it is 57 degrees. we will talk about the rest of the bay area and even cooler weather on wait for the week ahead next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, an overtime thriller. the sharks get back in the series. they won game three of the stanley cup final. mike shumann has the highlights and the most post-game reaction coming up in
6:42 am
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that's what we're made of. no artificial colors. no artificial flavors. no artificial sweeteners. nature valley granola bars. and now introducing delicious biscuits with almond butter or peanut butter. >> welcome back. time right now is 5:44. lisa argen will be along shortly with all the details. in sports, the countdown, the tipoff. the warriors will try to take a commanding two-games-to-none lead over the cavaliers in the nba finals. abc7, the only place you can see every game of the finals. tip-off is at 5:00 p.m. if you are not at oracle arena,
6:45 am
abc7 is the place to be. then join larry beil, mike shumann and warriors ambassador adonal foyle live from oracle for a toyota "after the game." tomorrow the sharks will try to even their stanley cup series against the penguins at the sap center. last night they beat pittsburgh in an overtime thriller. here's the highlights in sports. >> for those who missed them, the san jose sharks are in the stanley cup finals for the first time in their history. unfortunately they are down 2-0 last night and last night was a must-win. the tank was rocking. the penguins weren't intimidated. first period no score until ben lovejoy fires one from the blue line and gets past martin jones and the pens go up 1-0. justin braun with a shot of his own and this game is tied. second period lovejoy again from almost the same spot at braun. now 2-1. now the third. joe thornton takes a stick to the face in the third and draws
6:46 am
a four minute power play. that allowed him to score. he's been so clutch. and seven minutes left in o.t. the puck behind the net. takes it to the side and fires. sharks are back in the series. 3-2, the final. penguins still have a 2-1 series lead. >> after the third it was more about time for us to get one were these overtime wins. it would be a great time. we need it. we knew the situation. >> it's huge. we get the first win. obviously we need today win that game. it was great to see him put it in. >> a great effort from the whole team and we had a lot of scoring chances. it's great for the team and now we get going. and in baseball, in st. louis, crawford with this single. giants take the 2-0 lead. on the mound the sharks didn't fair as well. he allowed homers to brandon
6:47 am
moss, diaz, steven piscatti. and the cardinals go on to win, 7-4, your final. a's and houston. the father and son enjoyed their time in enemy territory. former astro lowry crosses from luke gregerson and the game is tied. we go bottom of the twelfth. man on third. correia with the game-winning walk-off single off matson. astros take the win. and a pregame show tonight and following the contest on after the game right here on abc7. i'll see you there. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> thanks, mike. lisa, those hot temperatures seem to be a thing of the past. >> yes, carolyn. we got into some major cooling yesterday thanks to cloud cover. a little upper level system that's providing some showers in extreme northern california and
6:48 am
the return of the onshore flow. this morning the low clouds and fog are inside the way. right now you -- inside the bay. right now the moisture very, very light. we will look at another system that will bring cooler weather our way. still dry, though. that will be by the middle of the week. 70 yesterday in santa cruz and today forecasting the same temperature with afternoon sun. 59 in san jose. kind. warm there yesterday. today a little more cooling. 53 morgan hill b91 today. 54 half moon bay. you see the sun here in san jose. not everyone looking at the cloud cover. in fact, our inland valleys in the upper 50s. you are clear around walnut creek, 50 novato and fog. visibility, it's been a problem. some delays at sfo, but more low cloudiness from napa, petaluma and santa rosa. from about a half-mile to just over a mile. the marine layer you see here
6:49 am
from the sutro tower camera, it's below sutro. it's at about 977 feet. this will clear quickly today. we have sunshine on the way. even partial clearing at the coast of the this morning for most of you it is mostly cloudy. this afternoon lots ever sunshine." temperatures from the 60s at the shoreline to a few low 90s inland. and we will look for cooling to continue into the early part of the week. the middle part of the week looks to be the coolest with temperatures just in the 70s for our inland valleys. the low clouds and fog situated right here at the coast by 11:00 and some partial clearing. temperatures in the 60s to near 70. more sunshine. a lot of clouds and it got breezy yesterday. we will look at a pretty nice afternoon in santa rosa with low 80s today. average high necessary the upper 70s and you will be there tomorrow. and then even cooler as we head toward the rest of the work week. you have to wait until saturday to get back up into the 80s n
6:50 am
san jose more cooling for you with highs in the mid-80s. you will see temperatures trail off just a little bit slower." 70s arrive wednesday and thursday in the south bay and the santa clara valley. looking at temperatures on the cool side. a little breezy half moon bay. partial clearing pacifica, low 60s. 66 san francisco. that's about average. 73 oakland. 78 san mateo. you could touch around 80 today. 92 livermore. 77 in vallejo. the accuweather seven-day forecast, some 90s today, tomorrow, inland. stillcology each -- still cooling each and every day. so about 72 degrees today at 5:00 for your warriors, carolyn, you are right, lisa. thank you. some east oakland elementary school kids will return to their nearly updated campus for the last week before summer. on friday some of the warriors visited is that school, east
6:51 am
oakland pride elementary. abc7 news education reporter lyanne melendez tells us more about the day the kids will remember forever. >> if he ever leaves the golden state warriors, shaun livingston may have a career in engineering. the 6'7" point guard left a lasting impression on many kids from east oakland pride elementary. >> i'm sure the kids watch the games and see us on tv but to be tangible and come here and talk with the kids and interact with them, it's special. >> livingston and some of his teammates came to open a new live, learn and play zone at the school. a beautiful outdoor basketball court has added. the nba also refurbished the school library, make particular a place kids can come to expand what they learn in the classroom.
6:52 am
>> it's light and colorful and really makes children gravitate to come there and do some real exciting work. >> some of the warriors' star players take time from their busy practice schedule to bring joy, excitement to these kids. the nba said this is how the warriors will leave a lasting legacy for children and families of east oakland. >> i have a heard so much about this team and in the middle of the series you have so many players here who wanted to be part of it. >> he came to my school and being with the warriors is very exciting. >> to date the nba has donated more than 1,000 of these live, learn and play spaces. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> up next, lunch with a legend. how you can dine with warren buffet. he's 0ne of the world's richest
6:53 am
6:54 am
i just picked us up 2 breakfast croissants for $4, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up, and took care of the beast, so i could escape. and that's what happened to your breakfast croissant. and yours? it survived. enjoy freshly cracked egg with ham and bacon. or sausage. two tasty croissants at an even tastier $4 price.
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it's a deal you'll devour. [we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ > >> here are the winning about numbers from last night's power powerball draw. no one got all six numbers. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $123 million. and the winning numbers from to the nba finals now and the friendly wager oakland's mayor is betting on. mayor libby shaft is joining a bet between almeda county community food bank and the greater cleveland food bank to promote a friendly fundraising competition. the city who raises the most
6:56 am
funds for their food bank by the end of the series will be declared the winner. the almeda county's food bank's theme is strength in neighbors a take on the warriors "strength in numbers" campaign. and you can have a chance to have lunch with warren buffet. the annual fundraiser donates millions of dollars to san francisco's glide foundation. but it does not come cheap. the minimum bid on ebay starts at $25,000. the winner gets to bring up to seven friends to the lunch. bidding ends this friday, june 10th. lisa, why don't we go in together and make one. those bids. >> okay. you start, carolyn, i'll follow. good morning, everybody. low clouds and fog for most. sunny in the valley though. low 90s return for some of you but not as warm. 82 palo alto. the seven-day forecast we are featuring the cooling trend to
6:57 am
continue through the next several days. we will see below average temperatures by next wednesday and thursday. low 70 eats in oakland today at 5:00. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. and thanks for joining us on the abc7 sunday morning news. "good morning america" is up next. then at 9:00 this morning live coverage of the 2016x games austin. abc7 news continues at 4:00 p.m. at 4:30 nba countdown gets you ready for tonight's game two of the nba finals. the cavs and warriors tip off at 5:00 p.m. only on abc7. and that's followed by toyota "after the game" with larry beil, shu and warriors ambassador adonal foyle, live from oracle arena around 8:00 p.m. they will have highlights, post-game analysis and reaction from the players. the news continues now online, on twitter and on all your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. let's go warriors!
6:58 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, forced to flee. [ sirens ] the raging wildfires in an area that's home to celebs like kylie jenner. >> there's a fire next to my house. am i going to have to evacuate? >> extreme heat creating tinderbox conditions. fast moving and dangerous. thousands told to get out. the race to save homes threatened by those flames. celebrating a legend. muhammad ali's hometown preparing for the champ's good-bye. a grand spectacle planned. the celebrity eulogies and the fellow athletes now paying tribute. >> he paved the way for me. >> the famous faces recalling the greatest inside and outside of the ring. >> ali's death playing into


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